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Information on the latest COVID-19 news and booking policies

The Covid 19 Pandemic has been a huge challenge for many of us, not to mention the entire travel industry! Postponed plans, anxiety, stress, the list can go on…

Yet we’re craving to explore the world once again, to feel free, adventurous and safe! And while we’re aware that the pandemic is not over, it has given us a new perspective on life and travelers are getting more conscious and selective about where they choose to go… so after years of focusing our energy on traveling abroad, we took our years and years of our team’s collective wisdom and decided to design amazing experiences in our home country, and we are so excited!

While most travelers in the group will most likely be vaccinated already, we still want to be cautious and ensure an environment where affection and connection can take place under consent and self-responsibility

This is why we want to ensure safety to our WILD WOMEN and strict COVID 19 guidelines will be followed at all times of your trip.

Covid 19 – Guidelines

  1. We will wear face masks in public places and crowded spaces
  2. Implementation of strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms before guests arrive at their accommodations. 
  3. Any symptoms must be reported immediately to one of our staff members
  4. We’ll make sure there’s always hand sanitizer available
  5. While testing is not required, we ask that you please let us know if you’ve been vaccinated
  6. In the unlikely case of a positive COVID 19 case within our group, we will notify the corresponding authority and isolate that person (so far, we haven’t had any cases on our trips)

Please review the following guidelines stated in recent announcements for travelling into Costa Rica

Before you travel to Costa Rica

(Most recent announcements from May, 2021)

  • The Costa Rican Government is not requiring coronavirus PCR tests as a requirement to enter the country by land crossings or by air, nor has it issued quarantine orders for those entering the country by air or land.
  • Tourists visiting Costa Rica are requested to comply with the applicable public health protocols for all tourism activities in the country. 
  • Completing the HEALTH PASS online form available at:
  • The Health Pass can only be completed within the 72 hours prior to departure.

Medical Insurance

While the Costa Rican government requires all foreign nationals to acquire a mandatory health insurance to travel to Costa Rica, we have included this in our trip to make things easier for you.

The insurance we are including in the trip meets all the requirements that the authorities request to enter Costa Rica.

For US Residents, Safe Travel Voyager
For Non-US Residents, Safe Travel International

Coverages Include:
-Policy Maximun $50.000 USD medical expenses, including those from COVID-19.
-Trip Delay $4000 USD, for lodging expenses, including COVID-19 quarantine.
-Deductible: $0 USD

Once you book the trip, we would request a certificate or letter from the insurance company, indicating the following:

  1. Traveler’s name
  2. Effective dates of the policy during the visit in Costa Rica (travel dates).
  3. Guaranteed coverage of 50,000 USD for medical expenses in the event of contracting COVID-19 in Costa Rica.
  4. coverage of 4,000 USD for lodging expenses due to quarantine or travel interruption.

This certificate will specify that the policy covers COVID-19 and must be attached to the HEALTH PASS for review and approval by the Costa Rican authorities. Insurance cards are not accepted.