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Our adventuruous spirit took us around the world long before we met each other. Traveling alone, we realized how profoundly educative this experience was. Once we met, our learning became exponential. So, in the middle of the Himalayas, the inspiration hit us. Our new mission would be to share this wonder, these discoveries with special people, and buld a new community of travelers to share this knowledge and purpose with. Today, more than 10 trips and 100 travelers later, we can say that we are making our dream come true.


Inner Journeys Outside


Growth, community & expantion

We call them Inner Journeys, Outside.We firmly believe that growth comes from getting out of your comfort zone. In order to achieve this, we designed workshops and group dynamics that assure connection, freedom, and community. The result is profound. Growth, expansion and relevance.

After a trip with Wondermoreyou won't be the same person.

What's offered in


The best stories happen to those who tell them best. We will teach you the foundations needed to tell a memorable story, making sure that what you experience during our trips becomes knowledge and impact once you return.

Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a language that facilitates the connection with others and ourselves. It helps us express our emotions in an assertive way, and to offer empathy to the people we most care for.


The spaces of contemplation and presence are key to digesting the impact that the trip can have on us. We practice this awareness throughout our travels.

History and context

We try to add revelant context at a historical, geographic, and political level about the countries we visit, with the purpose of deepening our connection with them.

Environmental awareness

We are in a constant state of reinvention, and each trip follows a specific type of learning. Follow your heart to the destination that is calling your name.


Each journey is professionally documented trough image and writing, creating a heritage of stories of each and every one of our trips and travelers.

Our Books



Our founder explored the world as a CNN reporter. Since then, he has led Wondermore trips through India, Africa, New Zealand, and Latin America. Fascinated by stories, Sebas has dedicated his life to climbing mountains in nature and within himself.


As co-founder of Wondermore and founder of Conversable, Chris is passionate about human complexity. Her extensive emotional and spiritual spectrum allows her to be a unique guide in creating a space to explore adventure starting with self-exploration.
Christine siempre sonó con ir a Nueva Zelanda. Hoy es su país preferido del mundo..


He made his first trip at the age of 4, crossing the ocean from the Netherlands to the then remote Talamanca in Costa Rica, where his love for adventure and exploration flourished. After receiving training in Storytelling and Nonviolent Communication and becoming a facilitator, he proceeded to join our team as travel leader. Thijn brings presence, support, and empathy.


After leading nonviolent communication processes as a member of the Conversable team, Nandy joined our group in 2020; facilitating dynamics of extremely powerful connections within our regional travels.


Esteban is a creative like few others, who joined our team following his inner call to work in an environment more aligned to his purpose. He is the newest member of the team and comes with a clear mission: to keep the community together and in constant growth.


The youngest of the team, Dani is a college student but with a veteran spirit. A musicologist and creative by nature, her energy right now is focused on building and launching our podcast.


With a personality that only few possess, Andres balances humor with profoundness. After exploring all of our trips as a client, he joined the team in 2019 with the role of facilitator.

Ana Javi

Ana Javi's smile brightens anybody's day. Her creativity and optimism are contagious, her love for Wondermore is reflected as a passionate facilitator who connects with whoever crosses her path.


Mountain guide, team cheerleader, lifeguard, emotional advisor ... she plays many roles in the team and the truth is that several of us (Chris and Sebas) would not live the same without her. PS: She’s fearlessly competing with Thijn for the most heartfelt hugs.

Our commitment to
the environment

An effort to preserve our planet

We are aware of the environmental impact of traveling. This is why we compensate our carbon footprint from all our trips with the help of Anaconda Carbon. In 2020, we will double our efforts, compensating your carbon footprint twice as much in order to mitigate the impact of trips we've made in the past.


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